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The power of OpenEx is underpinned by the design and degree of complexity of your RPvds. We have experience in developing these circuits for multiple applications including delivering auditory stimuli, controlling devices such as olfactometers and visual stimulus generators, storing epoc information and microstimulation. To help build your systems to your requirements we will provide regular additions to our products page which can be purchased for use in custom applications. Integrate these within the OpenEx environment to develop stand alone applications specific for your needs.

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Daunted by the prospect of having to design your own software? Well unleash the power of the OpenEx environment. Its simple design, ease of operation and incredible flexibility allows you to move from the experimental design to data collection much faster.

Let us help you with OpenEx implementation. We offer advice and assistance to help you design your RPvds as well as regular additions to our download page to help you get started.


Let us configure your order for you and you will benefit from the added services we have to offer. We provide various levels of support form initial set-up and installation, tutorials to RPvds design and OpenEx configuration. We can provide expertise to help you with your experiments -Auditory Researchers – thinking of buying TDT? Talk to us! We can provide specialised advice to help you get started. Visual Researchers – find out how you can use the OpenEx environment to give you flexibility in data presentation and acquisition. Having trouble synchronising your auditory and visual stimuli? Multisensory stimuli can now be delivered with ease.

Contact us for our integrated solution. Get the most from your neurophysiology and psychophysics experiments