Fast, accurate and versatile!

The nanoZ tests the impedance and quality of any electrode, including high impedance single unit electrodes, tetrodes and silicon electrode arrays with up to 64 channels. It's fast and accurate: testing a 64 channel electrode takes just 15 seconds! The nanoZ has several pre-programmed modes for doing fully automated electrode impedance spectroscopy, precise electroplating, impedance matching, electrode site activation and rejuvenation.


* 64 channels
* 1k ~ 100MΩ working range, 1Hz ~ 5kHz test frequencies
* 1kΩ display resolution, 1% accuracy or better for 5k ~ 15MΩ electrodes at test frequencies < 2kHz
* low (nanoamp) test currents suitable for in vitro or in vivo testing
* constant current electroplating ±12μA range, ±5V compliance
* intuitive graphical user interface makes the nanoZ easy to use
* free software development kit for Matlab for developing custom user applications
* adaptors available to interface with most commercially available electrodes