Neuroscientific research is made easy with our integrated approach. Complicated experimental paradigms can be programmed using the TDT OPenEx environment. We provide systems for acute and chronic neural recording. All you need is provided in a tailor made solution ready to set up within days minimising down time and allowing you to get on with the research. We have ready made solutions for your intracellular, single unit and multi-channel recording needs. We have years of experience in neurophysiological recordings especially in sensory systems. We have developed state-of-the art laboratories which now can incorporate integrated time–locked visual and auditory set-ups with ease.

Our multi-channel solutions incorporate the latest TDT components from the RP2.1 to the Z series which allows for 256+ channels for recording from hundreds of cells simultaneously. We have the expertise to harness this power. When combined with micro-stimulation the results will amaze you.


Set up the ultimate optogenetics research facility with integrated TDT systems, LED light sources and optrodes. We have solutions that will work for your needs. This is a new and exciting research area! Combine this with our Neuroscience and behavioural solutions.


Our integrated systems allow for automated paradigms to make your experiments run more efficiently. Tests of learning can easily be programmed for example allowing training with ease. With these integrated system, you can design programs which can control such aspects as data acquisition, conditioning through controlling of switching for reward, and controlling timing of auditory, visual and olfactory delivery all with accurate automated logs.

We can help you tailor experiments for your needs. Discuss you needs with us and let us provide the answer.

Go Wireless!
Triangle BioSystems, Inc (TBSI) is the leader in development and sales of a full line of world class wireless bio-monitor recording and stimulation products for the neurophysiology research and clinical markets. TBSI is able to produce and sell the smallest headstages available to continuously record and stimulate deep brain and periphery nerve signals.