BIOENGENESIS Technologies Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company that specialises in providing integrated systems for neuroscience, bioengineering, behavioural science and related areas of research and teaching.
We have a dedicated team to help you get the most from your research and teaching endeavours. Our systems are state-of-the-art incorporating the latest components from Tucker-Davis Technologies (TDT) and Triangle BioSystems (TBSI) to provide an arrangement suitable for your needs. We provide a range of add on products such as the new NanoZ and low noise-acoustically attenuated test chambers and can provide expert advice on multichannel electrodes as distributors for NeuroNexus probes. This integrated approach allows for a tailor made solution.

Now we offer solutions for Optogenetics! Email for more information.

New! Test chambers for electrophysiology and behavioural observations now available

We provide expert advice on research design and software configuration to maximise data acquisition and maintain a detailed and accurate automated log containing all experimental parameters used and manipulated. As official Australian TDT representatives we also provide exclusive TDT design product support to help you set-up your systems.

Let us tailor the order for you and receive the benefits. Our expert scientific consultancy and support will turn your ideas into reality. Explore the power of an integrated approach.